First Note from Medellin

Preparing mobile storytelling tools in Medellin. 3.5G unlimited prepaid for USD 30 per month. A geek is a geek everywhere...

Here I am – in Medellin. It is actually raining a lot but that gives more time to prepare for my @newcolombia project and to research all the tools necessary. I am indeed very excited about having fixed my Nokia N95 to work with Qik so that I can broadcast with a USD 30 flat monthly fee (the 3.5G data offering from Tigo) from anywhere in the city.

Another thing I am fascinated about is the Kodak Zi-8 HDV pocket camera… It is amazing what you can nowadays fit in a package costing $150… I just got it at Jef Pulver’s #140conf and I have yet to use it here. Having said that, there are still conditions where a Nokia N95 with low-light settings beats any pocket camera for both video and stills…

What would you guys like to see from here? What do you think of Colombia as of today? Hmmm.. Maybe I should actually also start a FB group…

Please take this as my hobby at this point – to learn mobile storytelling. I am not launching any business out of this at this point but I have to say I am fascinated about Colombia. I am fascinated to be in a place where Americans think I will be murdered in the most gruesome fashion tonight… or at least before I return. And that’s not true at all. As in most countries of this kind, a murder has to be pre-approved by a capo and I have nothing to do with those circles.

Please tell your friends if you feel they might want to follow my adventures here and ask them to follow me here or on Twitter. More platforms under preparation.

All the best,

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